SINUS is an independent, owner-managed institute for psychological and social science research and consulting

Understanding what makes people tick: with ethnological inquisitiveness, empathy, respect, scientific research and not least its 30 years of experience, SINUS studies people’s everyday reality as well as socio-cultural change and its significance for companies and institutions.

  • SINUS analyses people motives and dispositions.
  • SINUS develops and describes target groups.
  • SINUS identifies social/cultural trends & drivers.
  • SINUS identifies target groups that determine the trends of the future.
  • SINUS translates research findings into strategic consulting.
  • SINUS maintains extensive links to the worlds of business and science 

SINUS collaborates widely on national and international research and consulting projects and has built up a multidisciplinary network of experts in the process. Leading agencies and consultants, specialist research institutes, universities, branding specialists, direct marketers and renowned design experts have been collaborating with SINUS  for years, partly in an exclusive capacity.

SINUS:akademie offers a comprehensive range of lectures and presentations, workshops, training, and consultancy services on social and market research. It uses these means to extend the research and consulting know-how of the SINUS Institute and its consultancy partners, and ensure that their output remains practically relevant and customer oriented.

In 2014, following the update for the global target group model ‘Sinus-Meta-Milieus®’, SINUS founded the brand & business consulting subsidiary SINUS:consult in Singapore. In doing so, SINUS-Institut has continued to expand its expertise in the fields of consulting and international research.

In addition, SINUS has recourse to an interdisciplinary scientific panel comprised of experts from  marketing management, educational  research, urban sociology and church/religion. 

SINUS – 35 years of tradition and innovation

SINUS Markt- und Sozialforschung GmbH was founded in  Heidelberg in 1978 by two psychology graduates, Dorothea and Horst Nowak. In 2009, INTEGRAL (Vienna) acquired a majority stake in the company. The Institute currently has offices in Heidelberg, Berlin, Vienna and Singapore.