Scientific panel

The SINUS Scientific Panel has been in existence since  2011, its task being to promote the scientific and practical relevance of socio-cultural research undertaken by the Institute.
SINUS set up the Panel with the following aims in mind:

  • To access/tie into the current state of scientific knowledge
  • To secure scientific transparency  and an academic presence
  • To bring about cross-fertilisation between the work of SINUS and the research projects of the Panel members

Prof. Dr. Heiner Barz
Head of Education Research and Management at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf.
Focus of research and work:
Further education,  education marketing, education finance, e-learning, cultural education, progressive education, changing values.
Website of Prof. Dr. Barz

Prof. Dr. Jens S. Dangschat
Head of Sociology, Department of Spatial Planning and Architecture (ISRA) at the Vienna University of Technology.
Focus of research and work:
Social inequality; urban and regional sociology; residential segregation; migration/integration; theory of space and planning;, mobility research.
Website of Prof. Dr. Dangschat

Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael N. Ebertz
Professor of Sociology, Social Policy and the Non-government Welfare Sector, Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg.
Focus of research and work: 
Sociology of religion and church; practical theology: pastoral strategies and developments (honorary appointment).
Website of Prof. Dr. Dr. Ebertz

Dr. Luca P. Marighetti
Group Head of Strategy, Zurich Financial Services.
Focus of research and work:
Business strategy; macroeconomics; business philosophy.
Website of Dr. Marighetti

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke
Director of the Institute of Marketing at the University of  St. Gallen.
Focus of research and work:
Strategic marketing; marketing controlling, customer relationship management; market research; decision-making on the part of marketing executives.
Website of Prof. Dr. Reinecke