The branding and business consultancy SINUS:consult was founded in Singapore in 2013, immediately following an update of SINUS-Institut’s global target group model. Our aim is to augment and extend SINUS-Institut’s international research and consulting expertise, specifically in the APAC region.

The fast-growing markets of East and Southeast Asia offer outstanding opportunities for European businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises. SINUS:consult identifies and unlocks these opportunities through scientifically grounded and culturally attuned branding and business consultancy. The cornerstone of our practice is the SINUS-Meta-Milieus® target group model, which identifies meaningful distinctions in lifestyle, values, and consumer behaviour. We combine the internationally recognised analytic power of SINUS-Meta-Milieus® with insider cultural competence, amplifying the model’s local operational relevance.

Heading SINUS:consult as CEO is Nico Hribernik, formerly of Procter & Gamble. Mr. Hribernik’s branding and marketing management expertise enable SINUS:consult to translate SINUS-Institut’s insights into implementable solutions for customers worldwide.