Management / Partner

Manfred Tautscher

Managing Director

Phone: +49 6221 8089-70

E-Mail: manfred.tautscher(at)

Manfred Tautscher is both the founder of and a partner in Integral Markt- und Meinungsforschung GmbH in Vienna. Since 2009, he has been Managing Partner of SINUS.

He launched his career in 1987 when he founded Integral,  and he played a crucial part in developing and introducing the innovative survey system known as BLIP (Barcode Lightweight Interview Package), which made Integral one of the first market research institutes in Europe capable of conducting both CATI and CAPI surveys nationwide. 

Since the mid-90s, Manfred Tautscher has been heavily engaged in researching the internet. In 1996, he introduced the Integral Austrian Internet Monitor – a tool for the consumer and business sector, which gives a representative overview of internet usage and development as well as other new communication technologies.

From 2003 to the beginning of 2009, Manfred Tautscher was executive director of Millward Brown Germany, responsible for its German, Austrian, and Swiss business. As a member of the Cenema board, he was in charge of its regional business development. During this time, Manfred Tautscher was able to extend his experience as market expert and strategic consultant in the field of communication research and branding on an international level.

Manfred Tautscher looks back on over 20 years’ experience in international market research. His specialties are:


  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Branding
  • Brand values and communication
  • Research into the digital world and Web 2.0

Manfred Tautscher was born in Vienna in 1961. Today, he lives in Vienna, Berlin, and Heidelberg.

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Berthold Bodo Flaig

Managing Director

Phone: +49 6221 8089-17

E-Mail: bodo.flaig(at)

Berthold Bodo Flaig studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. In 1976, he started his professional career as a research manager with the Institut Angewandte Sozialpsychologie in Heidelberg, the forerunner of SINUS. His close friendship with the two founders, Horst and Dorothea Nowak, dates from that time.

From the very beginning, B. B. Flaig has played a decisive role in the development of the Everyday Life Research Program, which started at the end of the 70s and gave rise to the Sinus-Milieus®. He has to be given credit for their popularization and advancement into the strategic "target group currency" for marketing and communication.

In 1991, B. B. Flaig was appointed Managing Director. He heads the SINUS-Institut together with Manfred Tauscher. It is thanks to his initiative and methodological expertise that SINUS has been able to develop its highly successful innovative psychological market research tools and programs. B. B. Flaig is noted for his intellectual precision and for his ability to pinpoint complex insights in relation to practical application. This means that he is a sought-after dialog partner for strategic projects and planning.

His specialties are the analysis of brands and the corresponding everyday-life worlds of target groups, as well as research into socio-cultural change (values, lifestyles, everyday-life esthetics); he is also particularly interested in the media and financial services sectors. Together with the SINUS team, he has developed the company from a market research institute to a specialist for future-oriented research and consulting.

Berthold Bodo Flaig was born in Karlsruhe in 1948. Today, he lives with his family in Heidelberg.

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Norbert Schäuble


Phone: +49 6205-2553 720

E-Mail: norbert.schaeuble(at)

Norbert Schäuble studied politics, economics and sociology at the University of Heidelberg.

He has been working for SINUS since the early 1980s, focusing on data analysis along with trend- and milieu research.

1981: Collaboration on the SINUS study into right-wing extremism, entitled ‘5 Millionen Deutsche: Wir sollten wieder einen Führer haben …‘ (‘5 million Germans: What we need is another Fuehrer…’).

1983-1987: Associate Lecturer for methods of empirical social research and changing values at the University of Heidelberg. Authored several contributions to standard works on political science.

1985: Takes over as Head of the Methods and EDV Unit at SINUS.

Since 1990: Working in an independent capacity (‘Strategic Research’ consulting agency) in close co-operation with SINUS.

Norbert Schäuble has been a partner in SINUS since 1995.

One of Norbert Schäuble’s special strengths is his capacity for analytical and strategic reasoning. Together with 30 years’ experience in socio-cultural research and its application in all kinds of markets, this makes him an expert consultant in the field.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Lifeworld and milieu research
  • Co-developer of the Sinus-Milieus and Sinus-Meta-Milieus
  • Establishment of milieu models in 18 countries
  • Socio-cultural research (changing values, lifestyles, trends)
  • Development and implementation of strategic target group concepts
  • Special expertise in quantitative and multivariate methods, screening procedures

Norbert Schäuble was born 1958 in Wehr/Baden and lives in Hockenheim near Heidelberg.

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Marketing Research

Jan Hecht

Senior Research & Consultant

Phone: +49 6221 8089-53

E-Mail: jan.hecht(at)

Jan Hecht studied market and communications research at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. He completed his degree with a thesis on the influence of new technologies on traditional music cultures based on expert interviews with leading representatives of the Dub Sound System culture. For this he received the ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS research award for an excellent empirical research-oriented final thesis.

Jan Hecht has been working for SINUS since 2006, starting out as a free-lancer before becoming a full-time market researcher early in 2008. His work focuses on ICT, classic media and FMCG, and he is also very much in demand as a project manager for social scientific baseline projects on behalf of clients from the public and private sectors.

Jan Hecht was born in Mühlacker in 1981 and lives with his family in Karlsruhe.

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Nadine Hauke

Research & Consulting

Phone: +49 6221 8089-59

E-Mail: nadine.hauke(at)

Nadine Hauke studied international business & languages, (majoring in leisure management) at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, the Netherlands. During her course she sat in on lectures at the ESDES École Supérieure de Commerce et Management in Lyon.

She completed her studies in 2009 with a thesis on language study travel, in which she explored the affinities of the Dutch population for language and travel, and the sales potential that exists in the Netherlands for a German tour operator specializing in language holidays.

She launched her career in 2009 by joining SINUS, where she started out as an intern and free-lancer, becoming a full-time project manager for marketing research early in 2013. She currently focuses on quantitative research (questionnaire development and data evaluation) and the user-oriented implementation of results from the Sinus Milieu research program.

Nadine Hauke was born in Vreden in 1985 and has been living near Heidelberg since 2009.

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Frauke Stockmann

Research & Consulting

Phone: +49 6221 8089-50

E-Mail: frauke.stockmann(at)

Frauke Stockmann studied sociology, psychology and business administration at the Technische Universität Darmstadt.

She completed her studies with a thesis on ‘Environmental awareness among young adults’, which was nominated for the Lotte-Köhler Prize for Academic Excellence in the Interdisciplinary Human Sciences, awarded by the TU Darmstadt.

In 2011, she worked for the SINUS-Institut as an intern and then free-lancer. After graduating she took up a project manager post with AGF (the German TV research working group), where she focused on the methodological aspects of TV audience research. In 2013 she joined SINUS-Institut as a project manager in the field of marketing research.

Frauke Stockmann was born in in Weilburg in 1985 and lives in Heidelberg.

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Naima Wisniewski

Research & Consulting

Location: Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 8089-54

E-Mail: naima.wisniewski(at)

Naima Wisniewski studied market and communication research at the Pforzheim University for Design, Technology, Economics and Law.

In 2010, she completed her studies with an empirical diploma thesis on "Cancer screening tests for men: Motivators & Barriers".

After completing her studies, she worked for several years as a project and team leader in an international market research company.

Naima Wisniewski was born in Heidelberg in 1982 and currently resides there with her family.

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Tim Gensheimer

Research & Consulting

Location: Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 8089-60

E-Mail: tim.gensheimer(at)

Tim Gensheimer obtained his M.A. in European Studies at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.  In his final thesis he investigated explanatory factors for Eurosceptic opinions. Prior to this, he completed his studies in Political Science and English Literature (B.A.) at the University of Mannheim.

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Social Research

Dr. Silke Borgstedt

Director Social Research, Berlin

Phone: +49 6221 8089-35

E-Mail: silke.borgstedt(at)

Dr. Silke Borgstedt studied music, psychology and education at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and the Technische Universität Berlin. In 2007 she earned a Ph.D. from the Humboldt University of Berlin which she attended on a fellowship from the German National Academic Foundation.

From 2005 to 2009, Dr. Borgstedt was employed as a research manager at GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung in the field of international consumer research. Her main focus here was on FMCG, the entertainment industries and target group segmentation. During this period she was also active as an associate lecturer at various universities. At the beginning of 2009, Dr. Borgstedt became a research manager at the SINUS-Institut in Heidelberg. She has been Joint Head of the Social Research Unit in Berlin together with Dr. Marc Calmbach since July 2010.

Her specialties are: Family sociology, youth research, trend research, everyday esthetics, environmental awareness and semantics, and the cultural and media industries.

Since 2001, Dr. Borgstedt has been in demand as a speaker/consultant at home and abroad and also gives frequent interviews on radio and television.

Silke Borgstedt was born in Sulingen in 1975 and lives in Stuttgart and Berlin.

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Dr. Marc Calmbach, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.

Director Social Research, Berlin

Phone: +49 30-206 13098 11

E-Mail: marc.calmbach(at)

Dr. Marc Calmbach studied media management at the Stuttgart Media University (HdM). In 2007, he received his PhD from the Research Center for Music Sociology at Ludwigsburg University of Education, funded by a research fellowship from the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg.

From 2001 till 2003, Dr. Calmbach worked as a scientific assistant at the Institute of Media Studies and Content (IMC) in Munich where he was involved in the research projects ‘Children's TV and Value Competence’ as well as ‘Violence: Between Facts and Fiction. Research into Representations of Violence on TV’.

Joining SINUS at the beginning of 2008, Dr. Calmbach worked as a project manager in the Social Research Unit up to June 2010. He has been heading this Berlin department together with Dr. Silke Borgstedt since July 2010. 

His specialties are: Youth, migration, gender, charities, social engagement and (political) education. Marc Calmbach is a sought-after speaker on youth issues in Germany.

He was born Ostfildern in 1974 and lives in Berlin.

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Heide Möller-Slawinski

Senior Social Research

Phone: +49 6221-8089-56

E-Mail: heide.moeller-slawinski(at)

Heide Möller-Slawinski studied history of art, English philology and political science at the University of Heidelberg and at San Jose State University (SJSU) in California. Following her Master’s degree she completed a modular advanced training course in culture management at FernUniversität Hagen (a distance teaching university).

She began her career with SINUS in 1992, starting as a free-lancer before taking up a permanent post in 1995. Early in 2011 she switched to Q│ Agentur für Forschung in Mannheim to work as a senior research manager and is now back with the SINUS-Institut, working in the field of social research.

Heike Möller-Slawinski works primarily on topics to do with equal opportunities, family, health, the labor market, international milieu research and migration.

She was born in Bielefeld and lives with family near Heidelberg.

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Inga Borchard

Social Research

Phone: +49 30-206 13098 16

E-Mail: inga.borchard(at)

Inga Borchard studied social sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and Media Studies at the Technische Universität Berlin.

During her studies she freelanced for the Grimme-Institut; during her work for the Media Education Department there, she was involved in the ‘Televisionen‘ project (history of German television), the Grimme Online Award and the Grimme Award. She subsequently worked at Deutschlandradio as a project assistant in the Communications Department.

Inga Borchard has been a member of the scientific staff at the SINUS-Institut since 2011, becoming a project manager in 2012.

Her specialties revolve around youth, gender, changes in gainful employment, and media culture.

Inga Borchard was born in Duderstadt in 1981 and lives in Berlin.

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Jochen Resch

Studienleiter Sozialforschung

Phone: +49 30 20613098-17

E-Mail: jochen.resch(at)

Jochen Resch studied ethnology and educational science at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg. On completing his Master of Arts degree he received a doctoral fellowship which enabled him to undertake a 2-year research trip to the Yap Islands in Micronesia.

During his studies he also trained as a photographer. He has been awarded a number of first prizes by GEO Magazin for his photos, including those taken on his research trip; he exhibits his work in Heidelberg galeries, the Lindenmuseum Stuttgart, and in Berlin and Guam (Micronesia).

After his research trip, he first worked for GIM Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung in Heidelberg as an independent researcher in the field of FMCG. Jochen Resch joined the Berlin office of SINUS-Institut half way through 2013, where he works as a project manager in the Social Research Unit. His specialties are ethnographic lifeworlds in the field of health care, and media and youth culture.

Jochen Resch was born in Erbach/Odw. 1972 and has been living in Berlin since 2013.

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Franziska Jurczok

Research & Consulting

Location: Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2061 3098-14

E-Mail: franziska.jurczok(at)

Franziska Jurczok studied empirical political and social research at the University of Stuttgart. Prior to that, she completed her studies in political science and philosophy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. During her studies she spent two semesters abroad in Barcelona and Trondheim.

She wrote her master's thesis on the relationship of young people to politics in the context of the refugee crisis. In doing so, she applied her acquired methodological knowledge from the field of qualitative and quantitative social research.

Ms. Jurczok has been working at SINUS Institute since 2015, initially as an intern and trainee for market and social research. Since July 2017, she has been the director of studies at the Berlin office. Her research interests include political attitudes and behavior, youth and political socialization, and environmental attitudes and behavior.

Franziska Jurczok was born in Merseburg in 1991 and currently resides in Berlin.

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Dr. James Rhys Edwards

Research and Consulting

Location: Berlin

Phone: +49 30 20613098-20

E-Mail: JamesRhys.Edwards(at)

Dr. James Edwards studied philosophy at Grinnell College and systematic musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2015 he received his doctorate from UCLA with scholarships from the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies.

In 2016 Dr. Edwards worked as a visiting scholar at Okinawa International University, and in 2017 as an assistant professor at Lewis & Clark College. Dr. Edwards became a member of the SINUS team in Berlin in July 2017, following a freelance position with SINUS in 2016. His research expertise lies in the fields of aesthetic anthropology and sociology, cultural economy and development theory. He has extensive international research experience, especially in conducting interdisciplinary studies. His intercultural perspective also provides important impulses for the analysis and classification of qualitative and quantitative findings.



Calmbach, Marc / Edwards, James (2019): "Germany is the Land of Opportunity". Career Orientation of Young refugees. A qualitative SINUS study. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Online:

Edwards, James Rhys and Nakazato Masao. 2016. "Timizi nu in: An Early Period Kumiodori, as Staged by the National Theatre Okinawa." Asian Theatre Journal 33(2): 270-309.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2016. "Gairaisha no mita Ryūkyū geinō: Ufuaragushiku chūyūden [jō, ka]" (Ryūkyūan Performing Arts Through Foreign Eyes: The Legend of Loyal Retainer Ufuaragushiku [Parts I, II]). Okinawa Taimusu, August 2-3.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2015. "Critical Theory in Ecomusicology." In Current Directions in Ecomusicology: Music, Nature, Environment, edited by Aaron S. Allen and Kevin Dawe, 153-164. New York: Routledge.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2015. "Uyanma (The Kept Woman): Art and Politics in Meiji-Period Okinawa." Japan Studies Association Journal 13: 132-146.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2015. "Bunka gaikō no gijutsu wo hakki" (Demonstrating the Arts of Cultural Diplomacy) Okinawa Taimusu, 6 October 2015: 12.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2014. "Impossible Properties: Language and Legitimacy in Ong Keng Sen's Lear." International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies 10(2): 13-34.

Edwards, James Rhys. 2012. "Theory 'Between Inside and Outside': A Response to Zachary Wallmark's 'Sacred Abjection in Zen Shakuhachi." Ethnomusicology Review 17:

Edwards, James Rhys. 2011. "Silence by my Noise: An Ecocritical Aesthetic of Noise in Japanese Traditional Sound Culture and the Sound Art of Akita Masami." Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism 15: 89-102.



Notehelfer Prize (2012), University of California International Institute.

Martin Hatch Award (2010), Society for Asian Music.

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Dr. Christoph Schleer, Dipl.-Volksw.


Phone: +49 30 20613098-12

E-Mail: christoph.schleer(at)

Dr. Christoph Schleer studied economics at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg and the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. He submitted his dissertation to the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover in October 2013. Dr. Schleer received a fellowship from the imgug-Institut (2009 to 2013) for his academic achievements. He was also awarded the Ralf Bodo Schmidt Prize by the University of Freiburg.

While still studying, Dr. Schleer worked as an intern for UNICEF, the Canadian Cycling Association, and TNS Infratest. After completing his studies he took up a post as a research analyst with Ceresana Research, switching to the imug-Institut (Institute for Market–Environment–Society) at the end of 2009, where he was a member of the research staff and supported the Institute with empirical research projects on the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ and ‘Sustainable Consumption’.

Dr. Schleer joined the SINUS-Institut Berlin in January 2014 as a project manager in the Social Research Unit, and also acts as a consultant for Sinus-Akademie. His specialties are: corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable consumption, sustainability marketing, personnel recruitment, employer branding and empirical social research methodology.

Dr. Schleer was born in Freiburg in Breisgau in 1981 and has been living in Berlin since 2014.

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Finance- HR & Field - Organisation

Heike Kuchheuser

Finance & HR

Phone: +49 6221-8089-42

E-Mail: heike.kuchheuser(at)

Heike Kuchheuser has been with the SINUS-Institut since 2000.

She started out as an assistant in the Market Research Unit, where she was mainly responsible for project organization and travel management, and later on for project costing.

From 2004 to 2006, when SINUS formed part of the international Sociovision Group, she was in charge of a newly introduced business administration tool for planning and controlling. She has been Head of Finance, Controlling and HR at the Institute since 2009.

On completion of a commercial training course, Heike Kuchheuser studied law at the University of Heidelberg. Before coming to SINUS, she was branch manager of a fashion retail outlet.

Heike Kuchheuser as born in Heidelberg in 1966 and lives with her family in Heidelberg.

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Susanne Ernst

Field - Organisation

Phone: +49 6221 8089-26

E-Mail: susanne.ernst(at)

Susanne Ernst has been working for SINUS in the Field Department since the end of 1999, becoming Department Manager in 2004.

Her field of work encompasses the organization, supervision and costing of qualitative studies, the supervision and acquisition of field staff, and the quality and quota control of interviews and training for free-lancers and cooperating test studios. In addition to this she became Management Assistant in 2010 and also coordinates conferences and events for the Institute.

Susanne Ernst trained in commerce and can look back on 20 years of experience in the service sector. She has worked for two Heidelberg institutes, where she spent 10 years organizing and supervising seminars, and she played a crucial part in setting up a company in this sector before moving to SINUS.

Susanne Ernst was born in 1967 and lives with her family in Weinheim.

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Bernhard Stein


Phone: +49 6221-8089-37

E-Mail: bernhard.stein(at)

Bernhard Stein studied industrial design at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and then worked as a free-lance graphic designer.

He joined SINUS in 1996 as Head of Graphics. He has been the lead graphic designer of the INTEGRAL-SINUS group since 2010.

Bernhard Stein was born in Fulda in 1962 in Fulda and lives in Heidelberg.

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Peter Martin Thomas

Leiter SINUS:akademie

Phone: +49 711 51872607

E-Mail: petermartin.thomas(at)

Peter Martin Thomas studied education at the University of Tübingen, after which he qualified as a consultant and supervisor for systems organization.

From 2001 to 2007, Peter Thomas headed the Episcopal Youth Welfare Office of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese. He has been acting as an independent advisor to SINUS since 2007, and joined as a permanent member of staff at the end of 2010.

Peter Martin Thomas was a member of the Advisory Board for the SINUS Youth Milieu Study U27 and has been a SINUS license partner since 20009. At the end of 2009 he became Head of SINUS:akademie for Advanced/Continuing Education.

Peter Martin Thomas has sat on numerous youth policy boards in in Baden-Württemberg, including the state parliament’s Enquete Commission ’Jugend – Arbeit – Zukunft‘’ (‘Youth – Work – Future’), the State Committee for Youth Welfare Services, and the advisory board for the Landesjugendbericht (State Children and Youth Report)

He is currently chairman of the State Youth Council of Baden-Württemberg, a member of the SWR Broadcasting Council, and a member of the consulting section for policy and planning at the German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy (DGSF).

His work focuses on organizational development for facilities in the non-profit sector. In this area he is a sought-after speaker and consultant all over Germany.

He also works as a supervisor and coach, serving clients that include schools, municipalities, church institutions, foundations, associations and charities. He is an associate lecturer at the Institute of Education of the University of Tübingen and teaches social affairs at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Stuttgart campus).

Peter Martin Thomas was born in Stuttgart in 1969, where he lives today.

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Christine Uhlmann

Stellvertretende Leiterin SINUS:akademie

Phone: +49 7191 9100224

E-Mail: christine.uhlmann(at)

Christine Uhlmann studied Catholic theology and education at the Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen and at St. Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara, South Africa.  During her studies she worked for Loquenz Kolleg as a consultant for qualification/further education programs.

Following years of professional experience working for associations in the field of child and 

youth work, followed by a Master’s degree in Education Management and a 3-year period abroad in Athens, she started working for SINUS:akademie in 2012, first as a free-lance consultant before becoming Deputy Director in 2014. Her specialties are family, youth, church, and professional orientation. Besides her work for SINUS:akademie, she also acts as a trainer and moderator in youth and adult education.

Christine Uhlmann was born in Stuttgart in 1973 and has been living in Backnang with her family since 2008.

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