Market media studies

We can prepare ad hoc extensive sets of data for you on (milieu-specific) consumer and media behaviour 

Representative market media studies based on large case numbers survey the media usage and consumer behaviour of the German population (attitudes and usage to equal degrees). SINUS-Institut has direct access to this comprehensive data and is able to undertake individual computations along with market-defining analyses. The data can be differentiated according to either sociodemographic characteristics or Sinus-Milieus (or a combination of the two). The Sinus-Milieus have been established for decades as a target group tool for optimised media planning, which means they are integrated in all the main market media studies.

The list on the right provides an overview of the content and sample sizes of the two major studies Best4Planning (Axel Springer, Bauer Media, Burda, Gruner + Jahr) and Verbrauchs- und Medienanalyse (ARD, ZDF, RMS).


  • Nutrition
  • Personal hygiene and cosmetics
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home living
  • Cars and mobility
  • Travel
  • Finance and insurance
  • Retail
  • Media (print, TV, online)



  • Food
  • Non-food
  • Consumer durables
  • Retail, e-commerce 
  • Pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene
  • Media (esp. electronic media: radio, TV, online)
  • Detergents, cleaning agents
  • Leisure, holidays, travel
  • PC, computer
  • Cars
  • Energy supply
  • Investment, insurance

Data base:
Best4Planning 2014/15: 45,348 interviews
VuMa 2015: 23,093 interviews

SINUS has already compiled milieu-specific data from these studies for different markets in the form of comprehensive information packages, for example on mobility, finance and insurance, fashion, luxury, charities, etc. … 

SINUS has extensive sets of target group data for the tourist and watch markets 

The Sinus-Milieus® are also integrated in sector-specific studies such as the renowned Reiseanalyse (RA), which means ‘Travel Analysis’,  and Uhrenmonitor meaning ‘Watch Analysis’ and published by  SINUS and RESPONSIO.

The Reiseanalyse study has been the key study on German tourist behaviour for  several decades (motivations, attitudes, experiences and interests). It provides the tourist sector with indispensable baseline data and detailed target group information, including Sinus-Milieu data. 

In 2013, SINUS-Institut collaborated with RESPONSIO to publish Uhrenmonitor, the most comprehensive study on the German watch market to date. It surveys over 220 wristwatch brands and evaluates over 100 advertisements from popular brand manufactures, delivering detailed information about German purchase behaviour and preferences with regard to wristwatches.