Market psychology

Market psychology unlocks insights into the inner workings of consumers (their attitudes, motivations and frame of mind) and explains their behavioural dynamics.

SINUS-Institut has always specialised in integrated research and consultancy using social scientific methods, particularly psychological approaches. SINUS market psychological  research goes a lot further than just measuring and describing.  It analyses interrelations: after all, the people are the market – and at the same time they are part of a complex social system. 

Sinus Market Psychology encompasses a broad range of services:

  • Ethnographic consumer research
  • Photo and video documentation of ‘in’ locations, groups, milieus, etc.
  • Image and brand essence analyses
  • Positioning surveys
  • Product clinics, product and packaging tests
  • Semiological analyses of brands and products
  • Pre-tests for communication/ advertising material
  • Everyday  aesthetics and design research
  • Consumer histories, Socratic interviews, and extended creativity groups
  • Lay expert dialogues
  • Experimental cognitive research designs

Your contact for Sinus Market Psychology:
Vasiliki Apostolidou, vasiliki.apostolidou(at)