Target group segmentation

At SINUS, our core expertise is target group research and TG segmentation revolving around our lifeworld analysis methodology.

  • We identify target groups that really do exist.
  • We take a practice-oriented and dynamic approach to defining target groups 
  • We are able to enhance existing target group models with the Sinus-Milieus 
  • We position products and services within the target group landscape.
  • We define market segments for new products and relaunches.
  • We seek out market niches and market potentials.
  • We provide assistance with targeted sales pitches and media planning.

SINUS customises national and international strategic target groups  for your company/institution. We offer research and consulting based on the Sinus-Milieus, a model of society which has been a proven element of market and social research for decades. It is of course also possible to combine existing target group segmentations with the Sinus-Milieus – particularly in order to add more socio-cultural depth to the analysis.

There is also available a cross-national Sinus-Milieu-Model for international marketing purposes: The Sinus-Meta-Milieus.