expeditiv sozialoekologisch adaptiv-pragmatisch experimentalistische-hedonisten konservativ-buergerliche materialistische Hedonisten Prekaere
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To subject

A further study in this series is due to be published early in 2016. 

In addition, Sinus has carried out numerous in-depth studies on different youth-relevant topics including media usage, trust and security vis-à-vis the internet, job orientation, and social engagement:
Most of these studies are based on the Sinus segmentation for youth lifeworlds. The segmentation captures the vast socio-cultural diversity of young people which has become typical of highly developed societies, and consolidates it into a model. As in the other Sinus milieu models, this approach groups together youngsters who are similar in terms of their values, basic attitudes and way of life,  and their social situation.

Companies and NGOs  regularly invite SINUS consultants to give talks and hold workshops on youth lifeworlds (around 120 events each year). If you are interested in this kind of event, SINUS:akademie will be happy to provide details.

Your contact for the Sinus-Jugend-Milieus:

Dr. Marc Calmbach, Direktor Sozialforschung
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