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Sinus-Milieus® group people according to their real lifestyles and values.

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The Sinus-Milieus provide a true-to-life image of the sociocultural diversity present in societies by providing accurate descriptions of people’s attitudes and orientations, their values, lifestyles and life goals, and social background and position. The Sinus-Milieus allow you to dive into your target groups’ lifeworlds and appreciate them ‘from the inside’. The key here is that Sinus-Milieus provide a holistic view of people by taking account of everything of importance in their lives. Learning and applying the milieu model allows you to grasp what it is that makes people tick and learn how to activate them.

For decades, leading private and public sector institutions have used Sinus-Milieus® as a scientific tool for target group segmentation.

SINUS-Institut keeps the milieu models up-to-date through concomitant research and by monitoring sociocultural trends. Each milieu study goes a step further in enhancing our knowledge of the different groups within society. Because SINUS milieu studies are published regularly by our public sector clients, our other clients are able to benefit continuously from new insights.

The Sinus-Milieus have found especially widespread use as a target group model in German-speaking countries, and form part of the major market media studies in Germany as well as in TV audience panels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Sinus-Milieus are used by best-in-class manufacturers and service providers in all sectors of industry, by public sector clients in government and civil society, and by advertising and media agencies. They have also long been a part of university curricula (e.g. in business studies, social science, and cultural studies). Thanks to their high degree of everyday plausibility and market relevance, they feature prominently in leading marketing textbooks.

The fields of application for the Sinus-Milieus are manifold: marketing, politics, religion, publishing, and educational theory, to name a few. Indeed, there is barely a single market sector in which the Sinus-Milieus have not been effectively applied. They are used to draw up differentiated definitions of customer groups, position products and services, and define market segments for both new products and relaunches. The milieus are also helpful in seeking out niche markets and addressing buyer potential as efficiently as possible. And last but not least, they are deployed to pick up and localise new motivations and frames of mind at the earliest possible opportunity.

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