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The Sinus-Milieus® are a social and target group typology that identifies groups of like-minded people based on values and views of life.

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The Sinus-Milieus offer a true-to-life image of the sociocultural diversity of the modern world, providing accurate descriptions of people’s attitudes and orientations, values, lifestyles and life goals, and social backgrounds and positions. With the Sinus-Milieus, you can dive into your target groups’ lifeworlds and appreciate them from the inside. By revealing what moves people, the Sinus-Milieus show you how to move them. The key here is that Sinus-Milieus interpret people holistically, taking account of everything important in their lives.

Sinus-Milieus identify groups of like-minded people that can be visualized along two dimensions: social situation (status/class) and basic normative orientation. The areas of overlap among the bubbles on the milieu chart indicate that transitions between milieus are fluid.

The Sinus-Milieus® model is continuously adapted to socio-cultural changes. While the proportion of the traditional milieus has been declining for years, we are seeing continuous growth in the modern segment. The quickest to grow are the two future milieus Cosmopolitan Avan-garde and Adaptive Navigators, whose approaches to current challenges are indicative of future trends.

A comprehensive introduction to working with the Sinus-Milieu model can be found in our information packages. For German speakers, methodological background and detailed explorations of use cases are available in our basic work “Praxis der Sinus-Milieus" (Springer 2018).

The diverse applications of Sinus-Milieus

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The first Sinus-Milieu models were developed through the analysis of German, Austrian, and Swiss society, and are without question the best-known segmentation models in the German-speaking world. Over the years, the milieu concept and methodology have been extended to a wide range of contexts:

  1. Sinus-Meta-Milieus: Sinus-Milieus on an international level. Sinus Meta-Milieu segmentations – which identify like-minded people across national borders – have been conducted in over 40 countries. Applying the same principle as the well-proven German Sinus-Milieus, comparable but distinct models have been developed for established and emerging markets.
  2. Sinus-Geo-Milieus: Sinus Geo-Milieus track the Sinus-Milieus in geographical space, neighborhood by neighborhood and block by block. They are thus useful for urban planning and direct marketing.
  3. Digital Sinus-Milieus: Digital Sinus-Milieus transpose the Sinus-Milieus onto the internet. They allow strategic target groups to be identified and addressed online, for instance through the analysis of website traffic and targeted provision of content or advertisements by milieu affiliation.
  4. Sinus Youth Milieus: The Sinus Youth Milieus clarify the sociocultural diversity of young people’s lifeworlds in Germany.
  5. Sinus Migrant Milieus: The Sinus Migrant Milieus map the lifeworlds and lifestyles of German residents with migrant backgrounds.

All Sinus Milieu models can be used in quantitative and qualitative ad-hoc studies on a wide variety of issues. For short representative surveys up to five minutes in length, the Sinus Milieu Bus (omnibus survey) is a time- and cost-efficient option. Tailor-made target group typologies and segmentations can also be created based on the Sinus-Milieu model (tailored segmentations).

Our information packages provide a comprehensive introduction to working with Sinus-Milieus.