SINUS-TGI Media Data International

1. What is SINUS-TGI Media Data International?

To subject 1. What is SINUS-TGI Media Data International?

SINUS-TGI Media Data International consists of consumer and media behavioural data collected in 18 countries, differentiated and analysed using the SINUS-Meta-Milieus® target group model. The values- and lifestyle-based Meta-Milieu model brings order and human narrative to the manifold of TGI data, enabling marketing professionals to deliver accurate, efficient, and compelling media campaigns across borders.

The basis for SINUS-TGI Media Data International is the global market and media study “Target Group Index,” abbreviated TGI, which has collected representative data on consumer behaviour and media use since the late 1960s. In collaboration with Kantar-TGI, SINUS-Institut has integrated the Meta-Milieu target group model into selected TGI national datasets. SINUS-Institut developed the Meta-Milieu model in 2013 as an internationally valid counterpart to the SINUS Milieus, an established targeting model in German-speaking markets for nearly 40 years. The original SINUS Milieus pinpoint the psychosocial and behavioural factors that differentiate groups of people within German, Austrian, and Swiss society. Following the insight that lifestyles have globalised alongside markets, the Meta-Milieus apply a similar logic internationally. The process of differentiating Meta-Milieus takes into account basic values as well as social position and attitudes toward everyday life. The resulting model allows researchers and marketers to identify groups of people across borders who share similar ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

SINUS Meta-Milieus are currently available as a licensed count variable in 18 national TGI datasets and as a dimension of analysis in the EU4 Basic Information Package. Other countries are available upon special request. 

2. What does the SINUS-TGI Media Data deliver?

To subject 2. What does the SINUS-TGI Media Data deliver?

People and groups differ not only by sociodemographic characteristics such as age and gender, but also by the values and attitudes that they share within their social milieus or lifeworlds. The social milieus of Europe are in a state of change, with pronounced effects on consumption and media use. 

The intercultural comparison of lifestyles and social milieus enables a deep understanding of the values and attitudes that influence consumer behaviour, brand relationships, and media use. An especially significant point here is the tension between basic value orientations and country-specific manifestations. A marketing strategy can only unleash opportunities within this tension if robust milieu data is available for all relevant countries.

The basis for SINUS-TGI Media Data analysis is the SINUS Meta-Milieu target group model, which identifies groups of people united across borders by similar lifestyles and modes of perception and action.

An important example is the “Cosmopolitan Avantgarde,” an international milieu that consistently breaks new ground and inaugurates new trends in culture, media, and markets. The Cosmopolitan Avantgarde are a “milieu of the future,” a group of non-conformist creatives who prioritise freedom and realisation. They are significantly more active than average in the digital world, as evident in the intensity of their internet use and the centrality of online forums to their way of life. In general, traditional media such as newspapers are less significant for this milieu. However, differences appear from country to country: in France and Spain, for instance, print newspapers still play an indispensable role in the culture at large, and as a result, Cosmopolitan Avantgardes consume print media more regularly than in Germany or Great Britain. Such insights are key to optimising marketing measures for particular target groups and countries.

3. What information does SINUS-TGI Media Data provide?

SINUS Meta-Milieus are available as a count variable in 18 national TGI datasets. A Basic Information Package is also available covering four economically and culturally influential European countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, and Spain). 

The Basic Information Package contains the following information on each of the nine SINUS Meta-Milieus in Germany, France, Great Britain, and Spain (in English):

  • Background information on the SINUS Meta-Milieu model and Kantar Media TGI
  • Meta-Milieu profiles
  • Lifestyle collages
  • Socioeconomic and TGI Lifestage profiles
  • Media use profiles
  • Word-of-mouth on areas of interest
  • Sports, leisure activities, events, and outings
  • Shopping for food (FMCG Shopper Archetypes)

4. Who is responsible for SINUS-TGI Media Data International?

SINUS-TGI Media Data International arose out of cooperation between Kantar Media and SINUS-Institut.

Kantar Media, a world leader in the sector, offers its clients an integrated all-around view of media, communications, and advertising across borders. This gives media professionals the support needed to make informed decisions on media monitoring, reputation analysis, and media planning. Its more than 25,000 customers include well-known corporations and institutions, leading PR and advertising agencies, media consortia, and advertisers. As part of WPP’s Kantar Group, Kantar Media provides best-in-class data on all aspects of media services and consumption.