Sinus Trend Research

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Sinus trend research is a tool designed for the empirical monitoring of sociocultural transformations.

To subject

SINUS-Institut acquired its expertise in trend research during 20 years in the field, and is therefore ideally equipped to guide you through the ‘trend jungle.’ Sinus Trend Research is a strategic early recognition tool that offers insight into the mindsets of relevant social groups as they develop, as well as the circumstances responsible for their development.  Through social-psychological analysis and interpretation of underlying motives, needs, wishes, and expectations, the relevance and consequences of individual phenomena are revealed, as well as the levers with which it is possible to activate people (consumer, citizens).

Integration with milieu research

Sinus Trend Research is an essential part of the sociocultural research of the Institute. It specifically targets the psychological background of social change. Trend research findings are integrated with our Milieu and Futures Research to allow target-group-specific evaluation of trend developments and the sociocultural positioning of trend target groups. Individual fields of trend research can furthermore be related to Sinus’ Futures Scenarios. The interoperability of SINUS-Institut’s research instruments makes it easier to manage complexity while providing a considerable degree of differentiation.

The core findings of Sinus Trend Research are subjected to milieu-specific validation, quantification, and analysis. These real-time forecasts can be analysed for specific sectors upon request. Special evaluations for particular target groups and brands (e.g. with regard to trend affinities and development forecasts) are also possible. Furthermore, individual market-specific modules can be integrated into trend research surveys.

Multiple applications for Sinus Trend Research

Strategic marketing analysis in a trend context

  • Client-specific analysis of social dynamics relevant to products, brands, target groups, etc.
  • Positioning within the trend system and mapping within the competitive environment

Innovation management /strategic development

  • An interactive process to optimise the sociocultural relevance of product ranges, positioning, communications, sales, etc.
  • Strategic consulting in the form of Trend Workshops and Consumer Trend Labs

Integration into representative surveys and panels

  • An efficient indicator tool for measuring basic sociocultural trends
  • Exclusive activation of a client-specific battery of questions within the Sinus Trend quantifications
  • Full report of the socio-cultural currents and trend dynamics of the moment

Trend checks

  • Cost-efficient tools for a trend update of your brands, products, and services
  • Relevant consumer insights via use of our broad empirical data base

Sinus Trend Fit

  • Positioning of brands and products within the current trend environment


  • Personality profiling of trend target groups


  • Semiological analysis of media formats (TV, print, internet)

Your contact for Sinus Trend Research:
Dr. Silke Borgstedt, Direktorin Sozialforschung
E-Mail: silke.borgstedt(at)