SINUS Content Diamond

Case Study:
SINUS Content Diamond

Beating content saturation through targeted narrative


  • „Content shock“: in the zettabyte era, most branded content goes unseen and unshared
  • fischerAppelt, a major ad agency, asked SINUS to create an empirical tool to help content marketers get beyond instinct and flourish in a saturated environment


  • We identified critical success factors through an extensive review of academic and professional literature, secondary analysis of survey data (N=30,105), and computer-assisted discourse analysis of award-winning branded content in multiple sectors
  • Target group expertise and cultural studies training gave us multi-disciplinary perspective – rigorous, yet humanistic


  • Our study uncovered four elements of good content valid across sectors: data, drama, design, and distribution
  • Empirical target group insight is the unifying element at the centre of this „content diamond“
  • Our client will publish the SINUS Content Diamond in an academic and professional handbook in 2020

Das sagt der Kunde

The SINUS Content Diamond challenges our team to balance their gut feelings with precise empirical analysis, inspiring us to create standout content with our clients’ target groups in mind.
Matthias Wesselmann, Board of Directors, fischerAppelt
Matthias Wesselmann


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