Gender Equality in Slovenia

Gender Equality in Slovenia

The overall aim of this study from 2016 was to better understand equal and unequal power relations between women and men, in order to identify adequate responses to persistent imbalances in gender-based power structures in Slovenian society. One of the project objectives was to enhance the ability to monitor changes in men’s and women’s behavior, attitudes and perceptions regarding selected gender equality issues in Slovenia, with specific focus on the participation of women in economic and political decision-making and the issue of work-life balance. In order to recognize priorities for designing future gender equality policies and measures, it is necessary to gain a holistic understanding of current attitudes, perceptions and behaviors regarding gender equality, as well as an understanding of how these factors distinguish different segments of society. In order to gain insights into these factors and develop a standardized monitoring instrument to evaluate social changes over time among the Slovenian population, the Ministry commissioned the SINUS-Institut to carry out a two-phase survey combining qualitative and quantitative methods.


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