Content marketing in the zettabyte era must not only be customer-centric, but also systematic.

Problem: Content overload. Solution: Enhanced targeting based on solid research. Market research institutes are sometimes considered the natural enemy by marketers. We would like to argue: relax. Research does not aim to replace creative instinct, but rather to feed it with empirical insight. After explaining why current market conditions make research-based targeting necessary, this article from 2020 introduces the Sinus-Milieus target group model and positions it as the foundation for a content marketing strategy based on data, drama, design, and distribution.

  • What kinds of data can be used to define customers’ needs?

  • What elements of drama capture customers’ attention?

  • What visual (and audio) designs resonate with customers’ tastes?

  • What distribution channels (touchpoints) best reach customers?

The article concludes with a milieu-based discourse analysis of award-winning branded storytelling in the sportswear and automotive sectors. It was published in „Content gekonnt“.


Die Autoren:

Übersicht SINUS-Studien


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