Forschung und Transfer aus dem wirklichen Leben

Research and transfer
from real life

Just as we love research, we are also very interested in the practical communication of our studies and the transfer of our know-how. For this purpose, we offer (online and offline) talks, workshops and training courses.

Where others only read data, we tell stories

Our presentations thrive on first-hand impressions from our ethnological field research and a social scientific interpretation of the findings. Find out more now!



Would you like to develop new ideas with us, or directly implement study results? With our comprehensive workshop portfolio, we turn data and insights into action.


Have SINUS-Institut train you up to become an officially certified milieu expert

SINUS-Institut offers a compact, cross-industry basic seminar on the Sinus-Milieus – the gold standard for target group segmentation for 40 years.

Sinus-Milieu certification


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