Digital / Internet

Digital / internet

Deep dive into digital lifeworlds

The digital transformation has rapidly changed practically all areas of life. It has revolutionised not only products, services, and communication channels, but also people's attitudes and logics of action. And we are still in the midst of it ...

In 2012, SINUS conducted the first social scientific baseline study on digital lifeworlds. The study did not focus on the basic “who – where – how often” questions of internet use and online behaviour, but rather on which motives, concerns, desires, and requirements are relevant to internet users and non-users – in short, on how people “tick” regarding digitalisation in everyday life.

Since then, we have undertaken numerous deep dives into people’s digital lifeworlds. We have identified groups with distinct attitudes and behaviours: for instance, so-called “Net Enthusiasts” and “Efficiency-Oriented Multi-Screeners”. Working with such a target group model helps public and private clients to better understand and address online lifeworlds.

Our expertise in digital readiness

  • Digital participation = social inclusion! But who really participates, and who is left behind?
    We conduct baseline studies on digital change and its impact on society and specific social groups.
  • What makes e-learning attractive?
    We evaluate digital transformation processes, e.g., in the context of the transformation and expansion of educational activities.
  • How digital should my dishwasher be?
    We test features, services, and communications as part of our market research, applying classic and cutting-edge user interface/user experience methods to assess everything from household appliance remote controls to customer service chat bots.
  • What kind of digital world do we want to live in?
    We develop milieu-specific future scenarios based on digital, socio-technical and social trends.


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