SINUS Videography

Visual insights rich in detail and emotion

With SINUS Videography, we convey a vivid impression of target groups in image and sound – whether in the everyday environment, at the point of sale or at the “moments of truth”. Typical areas of application include:

  • Persona development and presentation
  • Documentation of customer journeys and experiences 
  • World documentaries (video ethnography)
  • Visual merchandise tests
  • Unboxing videos
  • Trailer tests
  • Video reporting

What are the advantages of Videography?

  • Audiovisual audience impressions are impressive and inspiring
  • Non-verbal expressions are captured
  • Hard-to-reach groups for which classic formats of market and social research are too boring or time-consuming can be reached (e.g. Digital Natives)
  • Videography takes place in everyday contexts, where people feel comfortable and act or react in a natural way
  • Auto-videography (own production by the respondents) enables worldwide, fast and cost-effective access to the interviewees without the need for extensive user of interviewers

Let's talk food! | Example Persona "Food"

Persona video portrait based on the example topic "Food".

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