Where others only read data, we tell stories

You’ve probably heard the ironic question “Do you use PowerPoint or do you really have something to say?”. Admittedly, we also make use of supporting visual media in our presentations, but we don't bombard the audience throughout with bar charts and pie charts, or even worse with ‘text deserts’. Our lectures – especially those on the in-demand topics of youth, family, media and milieus – live instead from the first-hand impressions of our ethnological field research and from the social science interpretation of findings. Our team of researchers did not grow up in the ivory tower of academic theory but out in the field. Accordingly, they can report on our studies in a true-to-life and informative way.

There is no stage too small or too big for us

Whether it’s a discussion panel at the local youth center or a keynote speech at international scientific conferences, whether it's a researcher or a CEO as a speaker – we will find the right voice for your event. The feedback from our customers speaks for itself (i.e. for us).

What our customers say

I’m impressed by lectures that don’t seek to create relevance through linguistic complexity but are important because they perfectly combine factual information with methodical reflection and entertainment. This is what Marc Calmbach's lectures do. You go home feeling a bit wiser, curious for more, and more immersed in the topic discussed than is possible with other formats.
Dr. Heike Kahl, Managing Director German Children and Youth Foundation
I have often experienced how Peter Martin Thomas also got large groups to activate a creative potential they themselves had not even dreamed of.
Prof. Dr. Matthias Sellmann, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Chair of Pastoral Theology
A vivid, lively and technically very good presentation that captivated the guests. The time flew by and one would have liked to learn even more details. The full complexity of It became clear how much more complex the term 'youth' needs to be seenbecame clear as opposed to other topics than is usually the case. The scenarios presented gave an excellent overview of the diversity and most differentmanifold needs that girls and boys have today. Thank you very much for the new ways of thinking and looking at things.
Elisabeth Schöppner, Project Management Federal Coordination Office Girls’Day – Girls' Future Day, Bielefeld


Having received countless requests for lectures and workshops in recent years, we founded SINUS:akademie – SINUS-Institut’s training and consulting service. Through SINUS:akademie, it’s possible to book not only researchers from SINUS-Institut but also other speakers and experts from marketing and social research.


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