Our subsidiary for Southeast Asian markets

Founded in 2014 in Singapore, SINUS-Institut’s brand & business consulting subsidiary, SINUS-Consult, supports companies and institutions with socio-cultural marketing and brand consulting in the fast-growing markets of the Southeast Asian region.

The APAC countries are increasingly in the focus of German companies. SINUS-Consult wants to support these companies, including SMEs, with its competencies in international research and consulting, helping them to reap strategic and operational benefits from SINUS expertise in socio-cultural and target group research The cross-national approach of the Sinus-Meta Milieus, a scientifically based and internationally recognized target group model that looks at people's real life worlds and groups them according to their basic orientation and way of life, helps to achieve this. Today, Sinus-Meta Milieus exist for 46 countries – for developed countries (established markets) and for emerging markets.

In the rapidly developing societies and markets in Asia-Pacific, consumer-centric brand and business management is especially crucial to growing with the market or being swallowed up by it. To find out what drives people in Asia and how their values and consumption habits are changing, SINUS-Consult conducted the first pan-Asian milieu study in 2017 in cooperation with ACORN Asia. A total of 9,460 people from 11 Asian countries were surveyed: China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong; Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The analysis is based on the transnational target group model of the Sinus-Meta Milieus, which describes the lifeworlds, lifestyles, consumption and media preferences of consumers in a holistic and cross-nationally comparable manner. For the first time, SINUS-Consult thus offers in-depth insights into the lifeworlds in Asia, giving clients in Europe the opportunity to understand and address their consumers in the world's largest growth region in a more profound and differentiated way.


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