Quantitative Research

No answers without questions

Quantitative research is just as much a part of our portfolio as qualitative psychological research.

True to the saying “No answers without questions”, the first step in an empirical study is to work out how our clients' interest in knowledge can be operationalized into concrete questions and items that measure exactly what they are supposed to measure without being ambiguous or misleading. Developing and validating survey instruments is one of our core competencies – especially when it comes to devising item batteries to serve as the basis for specific segmentations or multivariate analyses.

It depends on the intended target group whether respondents can best be reached online using computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI), by telephone using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), in person using computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) or paper and pencil interviews (PAPI), or with a mixed-mode design. Besides correctly defining the target group, it’s important to clarify and continuously monitor the sample sizes, quota variables and field control conditions in order to provide statistically valid results.

Alliances and collaborations

In order to realize the best possible results in our quantitative surveys, we’ve built up a broad network of renowned partner institutes that provide panels for online surveys, CATI labs for telephone surveys and an interviewer base for face-to-face surveys. Our sister institute INTEGRAL is of course one of these partners. Some of the panels are completely milieu-based, so that when milieu-based samples are needed, we can draw on several tens of thousands of cases.

In addition to ad-hoc primary research that provides responses to specific questions from our clients, representative market media studies continuously collect data and information on a wide variety of markets and issues. SINUS has direct access to b4p (Best for Planning) and VuMA Touchpoints (Consumption and Media Analysis), which we can evaluate according to Sinus-Milieus, among other things. Thanks to our cooperation with Kantar Media/TGI, international milieu data is also available.

SINUS operates in many fields of work on the quantitative side, including:

  • Classic primary research (CAWI, CATI, CAPI/PAPI, Hybrid), national and international
  • Pop-up surveys on websites
  • In-app surveys
  • Development of screening questionnaires to identify target groups
  • Multivariate analyses (classic and proprietary methods)
  • Development of customer-specific segmentations (with or without Sinus-Milieus)
  • Customer or employee surveys
  • Evaluation of market media studies with the Sinus-Milieus (national and international)


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