Expertise and consultancy

Research-based consultancy

Market and social research is usually conducted to answer open questions and solve pending problems. This means the projects conducted by SINUS-Institut for its clients are always geared to  results and implementation – applied research in the true sense. We condense research findings and data into insights, and we enrich our reports with strategic conclusions and recommendations for the client (indicated actions).

We work with the tools of empirical research, i.e., theory-driven and based on social science. Our consulting services are based on hard data and verified findings – not on speculation.

In order to convey our research know-how in a practical and client-oriented manner, we offer presentations, workshops, strategy processes, training courses and other consulting formats on a wide range of social and market research topics. Many of these consulting and training services are provided by the specially founded SINUS-Akademie. The services offered by SINUS-Akademie are aimed at companies, associations, social and municipal institutions, political organizations, and anyone who wants to successfully develop their work on the basis of current market and social research.

Expertise arises from experience

For more than 40 years, SINUS-Institut has been researching the lifeworlds of people and socio-cultural change in society. This means we have acquired experience in many sectors, along with expertise in the holistic understanding of target groups and milieus. The diversity of tasks, clients and topics results in synergies: experience in one area provides impulses for other areas. We call this transfer competence.

From our continuous milieu and trend research and from hundreds of application studies for companies and institutions, we have accumulated enormous data resources and comprehensive target group knowledge. On this basis, we can generate a wide range of reports around specific topics,  target groups and expert opinions – for corporate marketing and on social issues – without always having to conduct costly new surveys.

By the way: consultants also need advice

Many SINUS employees have many years of experience as consultants. But in addition to a reliable database, consultancy needs inspiration and supervision, and, not least, it needs to be linked to the current state of knowledge.

For this reason, SINUS-Institut has been advised (since 2011) by a scientific advisory board. Its task is to promote the scientific and practical relevance of the research and consulting carried out by the Institute and engage in critical examination, classification and further development of the methods and models practiced by the Institute.


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