Qualitative research

The art of understanding

Since its origins in the mid-1970s, SINUS-Institut has been an expert in qualitative psychological research. We cover the complete spectrum of methods and specialize in mixed-method designs that combine qualitative and quantitative research modules in a tailored manner (method triangulation).

Focus groups:
the classic tool of qualitative research

  • Moderated group discussions
  • In the studio or on your own Sinus platform

The classic individual interview

  • Guided explorations
  • In-depth interviews
  • Narrative interviews
  • Ethnographic interviews

qualitative research into everyday practices

  • People are studied over a longer period of time about their lifeworld and their everyday life
  • Participant observation
  • Holistic approach
  • Photo or video documentation

involving end customers in product design

  • Product ideas and solutions are developed and refined together with the target group
  • Moderated creative process incl. feedback loops

Customer journey:
understanding the customer's path in detail

  • Qualitative analysis of purchase and decision processes
  • Exploration of direct and indirect contact points

Visualization and design:
a presentation of results that gets to the point

  • Our visualization of results gives you an overview

qualitative research in the online world

  • Multi-day online communities
  • Ad hoc live chats
  • Online diaries
  • Whiteboards
  • Website checks
  • and much more

qualitative analysis of purchase decisions at the point of sale

  • Guided individual explorations
  • Photo safaris

immersion in the real everyday life and lifeworld of the target groups

  • Guideline-based individual explorations in everyday surroundings
  • Photo documentations
  • Experiencing and understanding

We love target groups

Our special expertise is the ethnological 360-degree view of target groups and their lifeworlds – regionally and worldwide. With over 40 years of experience in qualitative market and social research, we have built up a unique transfer competence. We understand what motivates people and how they can be moved to action. In addition to the well-known society and target group model of the Sinus-Milieus, we offer customized industry-specific typologies and segmentations and, of course, the development, profiling and screening of personas.

Our claim: exceptional & actionable

From the first briefing to the preparation of results – SINUS offers everything from a single source:

  • Recruitment
    Whether mainstream or marginal group, whether online or in the real world – through our international recruitment network, we find typical target group representatives for our customers, cost-effectively.
  • Data preparation
    Whether management summary, publishable manuscript or video reporting – we focus on the „what now?“ instead of stopping at mere description. No insights without impact.
  • Implementation
    Whether long-term framework contract, one-day workshop or video calls – on request, we accompany and advise in the implementation process.


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