Sinus-Milieu certification

Have SINUS-Institut train you up to become an officially certified milieu expert.

SINUS-Institut offers a compact, cross-industry basic seminar on the Sinus-Milieus – the gold standard for target group segmentation for 40 years. The Sinus-Milieus are the basis for addressing specific target groups, positioning communication and brands, developing products and offerings, and choosing optimal media channels.

By participating in the seminar, you will become officially Sinus-Milieu-certified by SINUS-Institut. This gives you the opportunity to use your acquired milieu knowledge to benefit yourself, your company or your institution, or to pass it on in-house.

  • In the basic seminar you will receive comprehensive training on the Sinus-Milieus (values, life goals, attitudes, lifestyles, esthetic preferences, communication, media use) and their application in practice.
  • Our effective and practice-oriented tuition in a small group will teach you how to work with the Sinus-Milieus and strategically align your target groups.
  • You will learn how your customers/target groups live, think and feel, what motivates them and how they can be moved to action.

This basic knowledge allows you to select the right target group, better understand it and reach it emotionally. More about this offering can be found here.

By the way: We offer specially developed certification seminars for Switzerland.

In-house certification seminars

On request, we offer individually tailored company-specific in-house certification seminars – on site or online.

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