What do people actually understand by “health”?

Health is a fundamental component of life and affects all of us. But the very definition of what "health" is varies both in the understanding of each individual and generally in medicine, research and healthcare. The associated attitudes, behaviors and expectations are even more diverse.

In the field of health research, SINUS-Institut has developed clear focal points in recent years and is continuously researching the different perceptions, needs, wishes, fears and behavior patterns in this area and how these are manifested in different social milieus. From our qualitative and quantitative research projects for various clients (mainly ministries, public institutions, associations, organizations) on various issues in the health sector, we know: Dealing with illness, prevention behavior, the assessment of personal responsibility, the use of healthcare services, control competence, the perception of the healthcare system and its actors differ very clearly depending on the milieu.

Health communication with the help of Sinus-Milieus

However, it is not only the health-related values, attitudes and lifestyles that differ considerably between the various social classes or population groups. Also communication needs vary significantly. Therefore, it is helpful to include the social model of the Sinus-Milieus when designing communication, shaping motivation, and finding starting points for optimizing communication strategies.


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