Behind every piece of market research
data is a human being

OPINION is one of the leading market research institutes for ad hoc and tracking studies, based in Nuremberg, Germany. OPINION has been part of the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group since April 2021.

For 25 years, Opinion has been helping its clients understand what inspires their consumers around the globe. We use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative market research methods to analyze what makes your consumers tick and how decision-making processes come about – methods that are innovative, well-founded and proven.

The focus is on innovative methods, high-quality surveying and analysis, and targeted recommendations. We contribute our know-how, our many years of experience, our creativity, and a large portion of humanity. Because behind every number is a person. And market researchers are only human, too. OPINION currently has about 30 permanent employees. It is thus small enough to be flexible but large enough to ensure smooth implementation of any market research project.

The OPINION offices at the gates of Nuremberg’s Old Town

OPINION is a member of “The Research Alliance”, a global network of independent market research institutes in Europe, USA, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. This enables us to offer global market research with local expertise in individual markets around the globe.

OPINION continues to be a member of BVM and Esomar. We are EcoVadis certified, which implies that we stand for fair business practices and are committed to sustainability. OPINION was founded in 1996 by Rolf Körling and Wolfgang Hartmann, both former GfK executives.


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