Energy market in transition

Energy service providers face the major challenge of having to adapt their service portfolio to megatrends such as digitalization, sustainability and Industry 4.0. But the end customers’ ideas and compliance in this connection diverge among the population. Online comparison portals make it easier than ever to switch one’s electricity or natural gas provider. The willingness of consumers to switch is correspondingly high. With the target group model of the Sinus-Milieus, companies can better understand their (potential) customers and what they expect from energy providers and their services. This allows them to optimize their own range of products and services and customer communication in a more targeted manner and hold their own in the energy market accordingly. 

Our information package “Energy Consumption in the Sinus-Milieus” offers target group-specific energy profiles for each Sinus-Milieu. Among other things, it provides lifestyle-specific insights into current and future energy suppliers (electricity and gas), the housing and heating situation, willingness to switch and, last but not least, affinity for green energy.

The electricity bill via app – or would you rather receive it by mail?

Not only product development but also sales must constantly remain open to the new opportunities presented by digital transformation. The differences in milieus are particularly evident when it comes to the topic of communication: while Performers prefer to communicate digitally, Conservative Established people don’t want to forego personal face-to-face customer meetings. We help our customers to better understand their communication preferences and be better understood by their target groups.


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