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How can I integrate Sinus-Milieus
into my data?

Two questions frequently put to SINUS are: can I work with the Sinus-Milieus without having to conduct an exclusive study? And: can I integrate the Sinus-Milieus into my planned survey? The simple answer to both questions: yes!

Due to the increased demand for milieu data, we now offer another cost-effective solution in addition to our information packages, short surveys, lectures and practical workshops – the enrichment of your quantitative data with the Sinus-Milieus: Sinus-Milieu-Boost.

Add Sinus-Milieu-models to your national and international surveys

With Sinus-Milieu-Boost you can easily integrate the Sinus-Milieus or the international target group model Sinus-Meta-Milieus (available for more than 50 countries) into your current or planned studies and enhance them cost-efficiently with target group insights. It’s also possible to enrich your studies with social trends that impact on your markets and brands.

Enrichment with milieus (and/or trends) is suitable for all study formats: Usage & Attitude (U&A) studies, product and concept tests, customer satisfaction analyses, advertising media tests, image studies, tracking studies, visitor and user analyses, advertising impact research etc.

Many benefits of enriching data with Sinus-Milieus

By integrating Sinus-Milieus or Sinus-Meta-Milieus into your studies, you can deepen your existing typologies and segmentations, or complement, refine and quantify the personas you develop. Once survey data has been given the “Milieu treatment”, you can draw on numerous milieu-correlated datasets without having to collect numerous variables from scratch (e.g., on media behavior or everyday habits). Many Sinus studies are also publicly available and can be used to compare and supplement your own target group knowledge. Moreover, when enriched with Sinus-Milieus, your studies are connectable to market media data and transferable to microgeography and the digital space.

How does the milieu integration work?

Sinus-Milieus can be added to your studies with the help of the Sinus-Milieu Indicator. This indicator is a standardized tool for diagnosing the milieu affiliation of respondents – preferably in broad surveys. The Milieu Indicator can be used to determine the milieu structure of your sample. The milieu assignment of respondents is then based on a probability model using a specially adapted form of cluster analysis. For each milieu group, a specific distribution of response probabilities is determined across all indicator items (norm profiles). Milieu classification of new cases is then based on similarity of individual response patterns to the probability model (logic of profile matching). We continuously update the norm profiles and assignment models to provide a valid model that reflects social developments at all times.

We can provide the Milieu Indicator (in the respective national language) to you or your field institute at short notice. Once the survey has been conducted, we then calculate the milieu affiliation of the respondents based on the answers to the Indicator statements and additional demographic characteristics. We then return the case-based milieu identifiers (within a maximum of 5 working days) for integration into your dataset. This allows you to evaluate all survey data yourself according to Sinus-Milieus.

Optionally, we offer a focused milieu evaluation conducted by us, and deliver a topline report including management summary and recommendations for action.


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