Jan Hecht

Jan Hecht
Associate Director Research & Consulting

Once learned never forgotten! With Jan Hecht, you get what it says on the label: market researcher. He masters both qualitative and the quantitative methods. Jan is Associate Director at SINUS and is largely responsible for the Heidelberg office.

Among the many career changers to SINUS, Jan Hecht is a clear exception: he learned our business from scratch at the Pforzheim University of Design, Technology, Economics and Law, where he studied market and communication research. He completed his studies with a thesis on the influence of new technologies on traditional musical cultures, using the example of the dub sound system culture. For this, he received the ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS research prize for an outstanding empirical thesis.

Jan Hecht has been working for SINUS since 2006, initially as a freelancer, and since the beginning of 2008 full-time in the field of marketing research. He has been Associate Director since 2017. His work focuses on ICT, classical and new media, FMCG and Digital Sinus-Milieus.

In his spare time, Jan Hecht has been obsessively collecting dub and reggae records for almost 20 years ("Analog is better!") and also deejays nationally and internationally with his own sound system.

Articles and brochures

  • Hribernik, Nico / Hecht, Jan (2018): Der Mensch hinter dem User: Die Digitalen Dinus-Milieus®. In: Barth, B. / Flaig, B. B. / Schäuble, N. / Tautscher, M. (Hrsg.): Praxis der Sinus-Milieus®. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S.103-112.

  • Hecht, Jan (2017): Realtime-Targeting mit Kartoffeln. In: Research & Results 35/2017.

  • Sorsoli, Matthias / Hecht, Jan (2017): Online die richtige Zielgruppe erreichen. In: marke 41 3/2017.

  • Hecht, Jan (2015): Digitales Marketing: Kartoffeln für die Onliner. In: Research & Results 4/2015.

  • Hribernik, Nico / Hecht, Jan (2014): Consumer-centric Brand Management mit den Sinus Milieus. In: W&V Whitepaper 2014.

  • Zitzke, Tobias / Hecht, Jan (2013): Der Inhalt entscheidet. In: Research & Results 7/2013.

  • Plöger, Wolfgang / Hecht, Jan (2012): Smart Grid unter dem Gesichtspunkt der Verbraucherakzeptanz. In: acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (Hrsg:): Future Energy Grid – Migrationspfade ins Internet der Energie, S. 263-284.

  • Merkle, Tanja / Hecht, Jan (2011): Gesundheit ist das wichtigste im Leben. In: Pharma Marketing Journal 6/2011.

  • Jung, Melanie / Hinrichs, Patricia / Hecht, Jan (2011): Zwischen den Zeilen lesen. In: Research & Results 5/2011.

Jan Hecht – Associate Director Research & Consulting

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