Planning for possible futures

We all make decisions all the time that have to endure into the future. We’re often able to assess today’s situation quite well, but we also have to consider what might change in the years to come. SINUS therefore not only surveys the present – in societies in general and specific markets in particular – and describes current trends, but also defines possible or probable futures in the medium and longer term. 

We can’t predict the future, of course. But it is possible to prepare for probable futures. Our sociocultural expertise, our empirical trend research, our qualitative know-how, our experience in many markets and our focus on people and their lifeworld have proven to be an excellent basis for anticipating dynamics, developing strategic options, playing through their consequences and thus creating planning certainty.

A few examples of typical future issues, approaches and solutions that we at SINUS have dealt with or are dealing with:

What will motivate us?

  • Investigation and description of the change in values: What kind of world do we want to live in?
  • Wishes, ideals and visions of different population groups

How will we work?

  • Career orientations of Gen Y and Z
  • Consulting for successful trainee marketing
  • Support for digital transformation processes

How will we live?

  • Identification of milieu-specific housing needs and cohesion patterns
  • Empirical support in participation processes
  • Evaluations for site and infrastructure planning

How and where will we be traveling?

  • Tourism studies for city and regional marketing
  • Destination management
  • Future hospitality screening
  • Persona and scenario development

How will we consume?

  • Customer foresight research – projection of future desires
  • Empirical check of current consumer trends
  • Scaling hidden targets and making them tangible

How will we be networked?

  • Focus on industry-specific drivers of digital transformation
  • Relevance and implementation potential of digital trends
  • Target group tracking and website optimization


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