Digital Sinus-Milieus®

It is well known that the progressive digitalization of society does not stop at market and social research. In order to make the target group model of Sinus-Milieus applicable online, we developed the so-called Digital Sinus-Milieus many years ago.

What are Digital Sinus-Milieus®?

Digital Sinus-Milieus describe people’s online behavior and assign all internet users in Germany to the 10 Sinus-Milieus. All the data on Sinus-Milieus can thus be transferred to the online world. Conversely, online behavior, determined through surveys and analysis of surfing behavior, supplements the data on Sinus-Milieus.

CosmopolitianAvant-gardes Hedonists AdaptivNavigators SocialEcologicals Established Performers Precarious Traditionals ModernMainstream LiberalIntellectuals Constrained Low resources, but desire for digital participation 6% Sovereign Online and offline trendsetting 10% Fun-oriented Focus on entertainment both online and offline 17% Efficient Natural flow between online and offline activities 22% Selective Confident use of offline media, selective online use 28% Cautious Wary approach to digital participation 17%

How can you use the Digital Sinus-Milieus®?

In cooperation with our partner Michael Bauer Micromarketing, SINUS has digitally translated the proven Sinus-Milieus model. This means that internet users can be assigned to a Sinus-Milieu and enriched with all the findings of Sinus Lifeworld research with just one click.

The Digital Sinus-Milieus can thus be used in a variety of ways in digital marketing:

  • Strategic content management thanks to traffic analysis and playout according to Sinus-Milieus
  • Structural analysis of website visitors
  • Programmatic advertising in the display area
    (e.g. on The Trade Desk, Adform, Active Agend, MediaMath etc.)
  • Social media campaigns, e.g. on Facebook and Instagram users
  • Email campaigns


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