What do parents need?

As a society, we have every reason to take an interest in parents – for the sake of the children and our future. After all, whether a child is happy and capable depends on how satisfied parents are with their own living situation. SINUS has therefore been researching the everyday reality of parents for years and, on this basis, advises public institutions and companies – including the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, the Federal Center for Health Education, and statutory and private health insurance companies and educational institutions. The overarching questions in these studies are: How are parents doing? What do they want (for their children) and what support do they need? How can they be reached for support services through communication? 

From this research and consulting practice, SINUS has gained particular expertise in the following family-related topics:

  • Reconciliation of family and career (also in an East-West comparison) and career re-entry (desire and reality)
  • Gender equality and partnership models (from the perspective of men and women)
  • Participation in the labor market and pay inequality
  • Family and role models in the migrant population
  • Milieu-specific parenting styles
  • Needs of parents in the career orientation of their children
  • Needs of women with (severe) disabilities
  • Parents’ expectations of family and education policy

Health in the family

If you ask people in Germany what’s most important to them in life, they mention family and health first and foremost. It’s therefore all the more critical to understand precisely how everyday family life and health/well-being are linked. This is another research topic that we have repeatedly addressed. In the context of family and health, SINUS has produced studies on the following topics:

  • Connections between parental and child health and elaboration of factors that promote reconciliation
  • Sexual education and migration 
  • Attitudes toward breastfeeding
  • Health attitudes of adolescents
  • Health behaviors of adolescents in the corona lockdown


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