Career orientation and “future readiness” of young people

The study identifies the needs of parents with regard to the career orientation of their children. Their main concern is apparently how to find out about their children’s interests and strengths. In addition, the study makes clear that while many sources of information on career orientation are used, some are not considered helpful, and it identifies sources that parents do trust. The research also shows which future competencies parents feel young people need and to what extent their children have them, and whether they can help them acquire these competencies. Finally, recommendations for action are presented based on the study findings.


  • The Sinus-Milieu model of society and target groups
  • Parents’ optimism about the future with regard to their children
  • Parents’ view of their children’s “future readiness” and future competencies
  • Parents’ role in their children’s career orientation
  • Recommendations for action

Further information and a table of contents can be found on the website of the publisher Springer VS.

The study is the first publication in the book series SINUS-Studien” published by Springer VS. The series “SINUS-Studien” presents important research work by the Institute, especially in the fields of politics, youth, migration, family, digital and consumption.


The authors:

Overview SINUS studies


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