Youth research – a special expertise of the SINUS-Institut

Sinus-Institut has been researching young people’s lives for many years. This has resulted, among other things, in the highly regarded series “Wie ticken Jugendliche?” (“How do young people tick?”), published in 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020 and the flagship of SINUS youth research. The studies capture the great sociocultural diversity of youth that is typical of developed and highly individualized societies and condenses it into a model for youth lifeworlds. As in the other Sinus-Milieu models, this approach groups together young people who are similar in their values, basic attitudes and lifestyles, and social situation. What makes this study special is the thick qualitative description of the young generation. Numerous original quotes and creative self-testimonies by the interviewees, along with photos of their living environments, provide vivid insights into the everyday lives, value horizons and everyday esthetics of young people. The studies thus provide a practical decision-making basis for target group strategy.

Numerous basic and topic-specific in-depth studies

In addition to this ongoing basic research, SINUS has conducted numerous other youth studies on a wide variety of topics: future readiness (future competencies), political education, digital lifeworlds, media use, gender, trust and safety on the internet, career orientation, social engagement, denominational youth work, international youth exchange, to mention but few.

The SINUS Youth Studies give the young generation a public voice that needs to be heard. After all, a look at young people is always a look at the future of a country. 

If you’re interested in keynotes, impulse and expert presentations as well as in-depth formats (workshops, advanced trainings), please contact SINUS-Akademie.


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