Target groups for Provadis training programs

Provadis is Hesse’s largest training company for partners from the industrial and service sectors. In order to optimize the search for applicants, SINUS conducted a target group study for Provadis. For this purpose, core and potential target groups were empirically identified against the background of the Sinus lifeworld model for young people, and a location analysis was carried out using SINUS-Milieus in Microgeography. On the basis of this data, SINUS created a manual for target group communication.

This knowledge was used to derive a wealth of target-group-specific action recommendations for concrete marketing measures in workshops with Provadis managers from the marketing, training, HR and sales departments, as well as further workshops with trainees. Provadis has already implemented some of these recommendations. For example, a start has been made on redesigning the website's language and images to suit specific milieus, because according to the survey, young people want authentic messages and a realistic insight into trainees’ everyday lives – and not slick advertising messages.

The best practice article in the trade magazine PERSONALFÜHRUNG (issue 9/2020) shows what other measures Provadis is taking to authentically convey the everyday life of trainees to interested parties, how contact is made with the target groups in selected partner schools and how Provadis' trainee marketing has been redesigned in times of Corona. 


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