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Newspapers, publishers

Newspaper industry under pressure

Newspapers and publishers are facing major challenges: Print revenues and subscriber numbers are declining, and young readers in particular are difficult to reach. The new digital offerings and business models launched by the industry cannot (yet) compensate for these losses. The digital transformation is and remains a mammoth task. 

We actively support local, national and international newspapers and publishers

We provide empirical and systematic support to local, national and international newspapers and publishers on strategic issues relating to target group retention and development. To this end, we analyze the competitive situation, position brands, describe target groups and identify growth potential, test concepts (UI & UX) and make recommendations for communication (touchpoints, topics, tonality). We have special expertise in developing personas and videographic target group profiles. Of course, we also advise on the implementation of the research results, for example in workshops and in training courses for editorial, marketing or sales staff.


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