Customized research

We tailor our approaches and methods to the client’s problem, not the other way around

SINUS is a full-service institute specializing in customized research and consulting. It is a flexible research boutique and not a rigid numbers factory. As an independent, owner-managed institute, we are not forced to sell standard tools like the big market research groups but can set up a customized project for each client, if desired. Of course, our toolbox still contains all the classics of market and social research. But we make a point of always keeping them state-of-the-art.

Our mission statement commits us to openness to new ideas, creativity and efficiency. We think holistically and future-oriented, and we conduct solution-oriented research, providing practicable actionable consulting for our clients. We not only explain what’s feasible but also suggest what should be done.

SINUS is a specialist for special tasks

In the case of problems that can’t be solved with conventional standard methods – whether because they involve sensitive topics, target groups that are difficult to reach or new research territory – many are keen to draw on the innovative experience of the SINUS-Institut. This could be because we deliver not only data and findings but also competitive intelligence. We are partners for global mega-studies as well as for deep dives in local niche markets. Even when faced with difficult tasks and unclear conditions, we attach great importance to high quality as well as highly scientific methodology and expertise. What we do not like, however, are bloated projects. In our opinion, even sophisticated studies can be designed leanly.


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