Market media data analyses

From A as in automobile to Z as in zero waste: we can prepare consumption data for you on various markets – at short notice and tailored to your needs, also milieu-specific on request.

We have access to various population-representative market media studies and so can carry out individual counts and market-descriptive analyses on your behalf – if you like, according to demographic subgroups and / or Sinus-Milieus defined by you. Just let us know what information you are looking for. 

We can provide you with current insights for the following markets from the Best 4 Planning and VuMA market media studies for the German-speaking resident population aged 14 and over:

Best 4 Planning


Body care and cosmetics



Consumer electronics

Household and home living

Car and mobility

Travel and tourism

Finance and insurance


Media (print, TV, online)




Consumer durables

Retail, e-commerce

Medicines, personal care

Media (especially electronic media:  radio, TV, online)

Detergents, cleaning agents

Leisure, vacation, travel

PC, computer


Energy supply

Investment, insurance

For many sectors, we have already bundled data in our detailed information packages, e.g. on home living and furnishings, finance and insurance, fashion and accessories, and energy consumption. 

There is also an information package on travel. In addition, we have the possibility to carry out milieu-specific evaluations for the tourism industry based on the ReiseAnalyse survey (on destinations, forms of vacation, booking behavior, travel motives etc. of the German-speaking population).

For transnational marketing, there’s the international market media study Target Group Index (TGI), which collects representative consumption and media data. In 18 European countries, these can be combined with the transnational target group model of the Sinus Meta Milieus. The Sinus Meta Milieus are the international extension of the Sinus-Milieus, which groups together people across countries who are similar in their lifestyles and perception.

Are you looking for other market data?
With our short surveys, we can collect data for you quickly and cost-effectively. Of course, we also offer customized research projects – our bread & butter.


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