Nadine Laufer

Nadine Laufer
Research & Consulting

Nadine Laufer is a master of efficient project management. In addition to her role as a research manager, she is largely responsible for the development and distribution of the Milieu information packages.

Nadine Laufer read international business & languages with a focus on leisure management at the Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede in the Netherlands. During her studies, she interned at the ESDES École Supérieure de Commerce et Management in Lyon.

In 2009, she finished her degree with a thesis for a German language travel company on the language and travel affinities of the Dutch population and sales opportunities for language travel in the Netherlands.

After graduation, she started her professional career at SINUS as an intern and freelancer before becoming a research manager in the field of marketing research at the start of 2013. Her current work focuses on quantitative research (national and international) and the user-oriented implementation of results from the Sinus-Milieu Research - in words and pictures.

Nadine Laufer – Research & Consulting

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