Our sister institute in Vienna (Austria)

The motto of INTEGRAL, our Austrian sister institute, is: “No answer without a question”. INTEGRAL specializes in classic empirical market and opinion research and, as a full-service institute, offers research-based insights ranging from methodological conception to the provision of field capacities and comprehensive consulting. The primary aim in all this is a strong marketing orientation.

INTEGRAL, a member of the industry associations VMÖ, VdMI and IAB, has been active in the Austrian market for over 30 years and is internationally networked. In recent years, the Institute has conducted numerous international market research projects – in Western Europe, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, APAC and other countries.

Pioneers of Austrian online research

INTEGRAL was founded in 1987, prompted by a new software product for the electronic collection of survey responses. At a time when market research worked almost exclusively with paper questionnaires, INTEGRAL was the first Austrian institute to use electronic data capture. The system was called BLIP (Barcoded Lightweight Interview Package) and offered flexible use for telephone surveys and also face-to-face interviews thanks to the pocket computers used. INTEGRAL also carried out pioneering methodological work thereafter, for example with the Austrian Internet Monitor, which was introduced as early as 1996 and still provides a representative overview of the use and development of the Internet and other new communication technologies.

Today, INTEGRAL stands for a motivated team of more than 30 market research experts and a strong field department that employs around 350 interviewers. The Institute offers virtually all methods in common practice: quantitative telephone and face-to-face interviews, qualitative research, videography, online surveys, household panels, desk research and secondary analysis. INTEGRAL has 55 phonotest-enabled CATI workstations, a CATI hub for worldwide customer satisfaction surveys in 15 languages, and over 40 CAPI systems, coupled with powerful online survey software.

In August 2009, INTEGRAL acquired the majority shareholding of the Heidelberg-based SINUS-Institut. The former managing partner of INTEGRAL, Manfred Tautscher, joined the management of SINUS. In 2010, INTEGRA SINUS GmbH was founded as the parent company of INTEGRAL and SINUS. Both companies work closely together in Austria, Germany and other countries. In addition to classic market research and a broad repertoire of qualitative-psychological methods, they offer their clients social science expertise in the areas of everyday esthetics, changing values and trends, and, last but not least, the internationally proven target group segmentation according to Sinus-Milieus.


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