There’s hardly any other service for which demand is as individual as that of a holiday trip

Who are my guests? What do they want – hiking trails (on or off the beaten path?), urban pedestrian zones or high streets, authentic customs, inspiring exhibitions, wellness oases – or a mixture of everything? What image does my vacation region have: young, edgy & urban, picturesque and cozy, or dreamy and remote? How are trips preferably booked? How and through which channels do I address target groups? And, of course, the key questions: for whom are my offerings fundamentally appealing and how can I tap into a new customer base?

We offer pre-packaged target group knowledge or customized research as well as advice on implementation

Our Sinus-Milieus and market-specific segmentations (or the combination of both approaches) are perfectly suited to answer these and other questions. We’re familiar with the milieu-specific preferences for vacation types, booking options, or vacation activities, and we can tell you the right approach and the appropriate channel for communication and advertising – and, of course, we also know who insists on organic eggs at the breakfast buffet or who wants to live on local street food.

The Sinus-Milieus are integrated into the ReiseAnalyse survey and the Destination Brand industry study. For many years, SINUS has cooperated with the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR). We work for travel providers and for marketers of tourist destinations in Germany and abroad.

Our immediately available info package “Travel in the Sinus-Milieus” bundles milieu-specific target group insights into the travel, information and booking behavior of Germans, their vacation motives and their preferred destinations and types of vacation. Of course, we also collect case-related primary data (quantitative and qualitative), develop individual target groups, or create personas.


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We also support the implementation of research results, e.g. in workshops (with stakeholders or marketeers) or in the development of training and PR materials.


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