Tourismuszukunft – Realizing Progress

Case Study:
Tourismuszukunft – Realizing Progress

Sinus-Milieu Information Packages Germany and Switzerland


  • Tourismuszukunft accompanies its clients on their way to digital success with a mixture of fresh ideas, many years of experience and a scientific background.
  • The Tourismuszukunft Ring Model serves as a tool to visualize the strategic process and underlying interrelationships. The focus is on the alignment of identity, product experience and target groups.


  • The SINUS-Institut Information Packages are an important part of the consulting expertise offered by Tourismuszukunft.
  • A regular exchange with the customer-oriented staff at SINUS-Institut allows continuous reflection for targeted deployment in the tourism sector.


  • The content on the Sinus-Milieus is affordable, comprehensible, informative, and compelling.
  • The research data of SINUS-Institut serves tourism stakeholders not only during the strategic process but also in their general daily practice. Thus, it remains an important component in the design and development of product experiences and in addressing the target group.

What the client says

What began with the purchase of Information Packages has developed into a long-standing and fruitful partnership. We engage in an enriching dialogue with SINUS-Institut, which moves both parties forward and allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and beyond. The various Information Packages offer the ideal entry point to the target group experience and categorise the groups in a lifelike and tangible way.
Andrea Schneider, Network Partner & Consultant


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