Religion, Kirche

Religion, Church

Religious tradition or a postmodern cocktail of beliefs?

Sinus-Institut regularly researches the Christian Church and religious orientations in the population in light of the Sinus-Milieus. Our studies show the groups in which the traditional core beliefs are held on to and where postmodern forms of religiousness and faith are lived or are on the rise. Milieu research helps illustrate and understand social change, something which also massively affects the churches. Although a substantial proportion of people in all milieus still cling to church membership, more and more people are distancing themselves from the Church. 

Boosting church loyalty with the Sinus-Milieus

The lifeworld-oriented research of SINUS-Institut shows which groups are estranged from the Church and why, and, conversely, also reflects why the churches perceive certain social groups as an unfamiliar world. The milieu perspective is a helpful tool in exploring church loyalty, because it shows the limited scope of church action in a segmented society and helps us arrive at a differentiated appreciation of church membership.

The numerous studies for different religious communities provide practice-relevant findings for contemporary church marketing, successful (media) communication and milieu-sensitive pastoral care.


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