Bridges and barriers. Young people on the path to youth work in the Protestant Church

Brücken und Barrieren. Jugendliche auf dem Weg in die evangelische Jugendarbeit

In 2013, SINUS was commissioned by the Protestant regional churches in Württemberg and Baden and their regional youth pastoral offices to investigate the bridges and barriers when it comes to involvement in the youth work of the Protestant Church after confirmation. The qualitative study answers the following questions: What gives young people meaning in their lives? How do young people experience confirmation classes, youth work and the local church community? How are church employees perceived? What significance do faith, religion and church have for young people?

Following on from the SINUS study on the transition of young people from confirmation to youth work, the second part of the book is devoted to what experts in the youth work of the Protestant Church have to say. Approaching the issue from the “type and lifeworld” perspective for differentiation, they offer practical impulses for discussion and action when working with young people.


The authors:

Overview SINUS studies


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