Umwelt, Natur

Environment, Nature

We have been continuously monitoring nature awareness for years

SINUS-Institut has many years of experience in social science research on Nature and the environment. Among other things, SINUS conducts the highly regarded Nature Awareness Study, which has been commissioned by the BMU and BfN every two years since 2009. SINUS has already researched a wide range of topics relevant to Nature and environmental protection, such as: associations with Nature; personal meaning of nature; perception of threats to nature; awareness of biodiversity; attitudes towards genetic engineering and renewable energies; willingness to consume sustainably; and environmentally compatible mobility behavior.

The challenge in communicating environmental and nature conservation is to eliminate information deficits, strengthen sustainable patterns of thinking and attitudes, and promote environmentally compatible behavior, while recognizing the realities of life and the affinities and barriers of different social milieus attached to them. The significance of the Sinus-Milieus here is based on the recognition that socio-demographic characteristics such as age, gender and school education are not sufficient to explain individual attitudes, patterns of action and ways of accessing the environment and Nature. The way people experience, feel, use and value Nature also depends to a large extent on their lifestyles and value orientations.


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