Short surveys

Quick answers to your questions – evaluated in a milieu-specific way.

Do you have research questions for which you don’t want to set up a larger study but whose results you need quickly? Then our representative short survey is the solution!

The advantages of our short survey at a glance:

  • Cost-effective: Since short questions are bundled by several clients into a multi-topic survey, you benefit from attractive fixed prices per minute of survey time
  • Representative: online surveys with 1,000 respondents of the German-speaking resident population aged from 18 to 69, representative by age, sex, education and Sinus-Milieus
  • Fast: You don't usually have to wait long for the field start, and we’ll provide you with the results within a week of the start of the survey at the latest
  • Compact: You receive clear cross tables (Sinus-Milieus, gender, age, education) and standardized charts with infographics
  • Multimedial: Image and video elements can be easily integrated into the survey.

Costs in euros (plus VAT)

Survey duration 1st wave Subsequent waves *
1 Minute 2.500,- 2.000,-
2 Minutes 3.500,- 2.800,-
3 Minutes 4.500,- 3.600,-
4 Minutes 5.500,- 4.400,-
5 Minutes 6.500,- 5.200,-
Surcharge per open question 450,-

* for identical questionnaire

Common applications

Advertisement / campaign tests

Buying behavior

Product acceptance

Target group analysis



Opinion research

For Austria, our partner INTEGRAL offers an online bus.


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