Lifeworlds. Models for an ecclesiastical future.

Lebenswelten. Modelle kirchlicher Zukunft.

How can the Church, with its theological mission which applies to one and all, regardless of the person, position itself amid the upheavals of modernity and postmodernity? And what about people’s interest in religion, which becomes tangible only through an appreciation of the individual? What new social forms are emerging? How can the Church be closer to people, meet their needs in a more diverse way, and fulfill its mission with a higher profile? Rather than be left to prognoses, the future should be approached with hope and creativity.

In 2012, the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich commissioned SINUS-Institut to develop a milieu study – an instrument of perception that makes people sensitive to the worlds in which they live. This study has been supplemented by a second volume, which offers a practical orientation aid for developing mission-oriented and milieu-appropriate models for the future of the Church. Both volumes provide insights, reflections, impulses and practical examples for the work of those responsible in the church.


The authors:

Overview SINUS studies


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