Case Study:
The Greater Region

Development of a cross-border target group model in the tourism sector


  • Developing a cross-border target group model for the Greater Region (consisting of Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Lorraine, Luxembourg, East Belgium and Wallonia = 6 regions in 4 countries with 3 languages), with essential aspects of travel and use of digital media
  • Purpose: digital marketing of the Greater Region + development of tourism offerings


Customer-specific segmentation based on market dimensions (travel + digital) and lifestyles (Sinus-Meta-Milieus)

Representative online survey in 6 countries (catchment area of the Greater Region) on aspects relevant to tourism

Further research:

  • Focus groups with real target group representatives for in-depth analyses
  • Communication package (topics, address, touchpoints, ...)
  • Individual workshops + working materials


Identification of core and potential target groups

The target group study is the basis for a wide range of activities:

  • Development of the website, digital channels and digital services
  • Development of a content strategy and production of tourism content
  • Workshops and on-site consultations for tourism partners
  • Digital learning content

What the client says

The study provides action-guiding insights into a strategically crucial target group, according to which we and our eight tourism partners will strongly orient our marketing and tourism offerings in the future.
Birgit Grauvogel, Managing Director Tourismus-Zentrale Saarland
Birgit Grauvogel


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