Jochen Resch

Jochen Resch
Associate Director Research & Consulting

Jochen Resch is our expert in "all things qualitative research". As a seasoned field ethnologist and trained photographer and videographer, he combines a sensibility for the unfamiliar with an eye for detail.

Jochen Resch studied ethnology and educational science at the Ruprecht-Karl University in Heidelberg. During his studies, he underwent training as a photographer and won prizes for his work, including first prizes awarded by GEO magazine for the photographs of a research trip. He has also exhibited his pictures internationally.

Before joining SINUS, he was a freelance market researcher in the FMCG sector at the Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung (GIM) in Heidelberg. We’re glad that he returned from the Micronesian island of Yap after a two-year research stay and has enriched our team since 2013.

His work focuses on ethnographic lifeworld studies in the context of flight and migration, and on social cohesion, housing and energy.

Jochen Resch spends most of his free time behind the drum set at jazz sessions in Kreuzberg bars.

Jochen Resch – Associate Director Research & Consulting

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