Tropical Islands

Case Study:
Tropical Islands 1

Target group optimisation with limited guest capacity in the tourism industry


  • Given the limited visitor capacity, increase value creation through higher-value offerings?
  • Where’s the core target group with a higher willingness to spend and an affinity for a simulated tropical experience in Germany?
  • Who uses these artificial destinations?
  • Can Sinus-Milieu analyses contribute to the market segmentation strategy?


  • The milieu indicator was integrated into the regularly conducted guest survey (exit interviews) to determine milieu affiliation.
  • This made it possible to map and analyse the current guest structure according to the 10 Sinus-Milieus.


  • The core target groups are achieving higher sales.
  • The research  provides a deeper customer understanding of how the expectations of these target groups can be better met.

What the client says

Experiential worlds and branding are big issues in tourism. You won’t get far with socio-demographic segmentation strategies.
Rainer Wilkens, Marketing Director, Tropical Islands
Rainer Wilkens


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