Case Study:

A target group study and persona development for various media brands and service offerings in the distribution area


  • VRM is a regional service and media company and provider of analogue and digital media brands, service offerings, events and social initiatives in the Rhine-Main region.
  • An all-encompassing target group model is important when cultivating markets and developing products (further) in order to cater as closely as possible to the lifeworld of the (potential) users.


Representative target group study in the distribution area with the Sinus-Milieu target group model

  • Identification of target groups based on the Sinus-Milieus
  • Positioning of VRM products within the Sinus-Milieu model
  • Identification of strategic market segments for product development
  • Quantifying market potential
  • Basic data for media planning


  • Comprehensive findings on the lifeworlds, needs and behaviour of the users
  • Development of personas as a Group-wide target group model
  • Identification of touchpoints, topics and communication guidelines as a basis for marketing
  • Basis for further research (e.g. setting up a user panel)

What the client says

The strategic target group research with SINUS provided VRM with a holistic view of our user base and enabled the development of true-to-life personas, which give editorial, marketing and sales departments a deep and consistent understanding of our customers.
Louisa Klink, Manager UX & Brand VRM
Louisa Klink


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